Spiller Officially Signs with Buffalo

By williamgoodrich

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All the wait is over as C.J. Spiller has officially signed a five year contract with the Buffalo Bills, following a long period where the Bills’ first round pick wasn’t in training camp. The five year deal is laced with performance incentives that could make Spiller one of the highest paid players on the Buffalo squad, leading me to ask what you the fans think about this issue.

For my scenario, I want you to pretend you are an owner or general manager. Your team has received the number one overall pick through a trade made a few seasons ago. Your team is desperately in need of a quarterback and it just so happens that the best player in the draft class can fill that role. He has been injury prone throughout college, including having two separate season-ending shoulder injuries.

As you nervously sit in the draft room, you decide that your need for a quarterback outweighs  the potential health issues and you draft him number one overall.  Your prize? A college player who has never taken a snap in the NFL, but becomes one of, if not the highest payed player in the league.

Isn’t that insanity? Why do expect that a player who was injury prone in college won’t be at this level, where the players hit harder and the competition moves a lot faster. For the Rams to sink over 50 million dollars in guaranteed money to Sam Bradford shows one of two things, either they are desperate or the potential talent outweighs the potential risks. This is why the general rule of thumb is when you fail on first round picks, it could set your franchise back five to ten years. Lets just hope that C.J. Spiller brings the talent that he showed in his ACC dominance and can contribute immediately to the Buffalo offense.

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