The Future of the Garrard-Del Rio Administration Could Be Decided This Season!

By heatherpatterson

2010 may indeed be the season that determines the fate of the Jacksonville Jaguar’s two main men- QB David Garrad & Head Coach Jack Del Rio. The Jags have a great deal of momentum heading into this season including an enthusiastic, supportive fan base and what should prove –to-be a much stronger O line and Defense.  During the off season it has been reported that Garrard has sharpened his leadership skills and initiated team-building dinners with the players.  He has realized that an off-the-field relationship with his teammates will increase his player’s desire to fight for him -on the field.  That should help his chances but the fans will demand more than mediocrity and a slightly improved Season.  The fans want and deserve leadership, excellence, and most of all Passion- and it may be now or never!

The same can be said for Jack Del Rio.  He made Garrard his QB1 in 2007 after releasing Byron Leftwich and put his fate as Head Coach in the hands of Garrard.  His double down wager may have one season left to prove himself.  The fans want the aforementioned passion and leadership out of Del Rio! 

They want his hat to be thrown during bad calls, they want him in his players face after great and terrible plays, they want to know and see that he cares!  They want the guy who had the same whotspa to bet on Garrard to show up every Sunday and lead his team with some fire in the belly. 

Granted it may not have been either of their style in the past-but it is now time for some PDP- public display of passion- that is, if they want to stay in teal and black!

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