Jets Preparing for Life Without Revis Island as Talks Reach an Impasse

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The clock is ticking for Darrelle Revis as the regular season looms closer and there’s still no sign of number 24 at Jets camp.

Now, it appears that this holdout could last quite some time, maybe even the entire season.

“There’s a chance that Revis won’t be here at all, anytime,” cornerback Dwight Lowery was quoted as saying. “The more the days go on, the more you realize.”

Even team owner Woody Johnson offered his opinion on the matter.

On 1050 ESPN Radio’s The Michael Kay Show on Monday, Johnson said that he feels that Revis “will not be on the New York Jets team this year.”

However, the Jets have been adamant that he will not be traded.

Could the Jets really survive life without Revis Island? At least coach Rex Ryan thinks so. The past few days, Ryan has been stressing that it’s the guys who are there in camp that will be his focus, and that no matter how good one player is, he’s only one player.

“Don’t feel sorry for us,” Ryan said. “We have everything we need here on defense.”

With Pro Bowler Antonio Cromartie, rookie Kyle Wilson, and third-year pro Dwight Lowery, the Jets other cornerbacks are no pushovers. Having Revis would help immensely, but don’t think these three can’t get the job done.

The clock is still ticking for Revis and the Jets. It would be a shame for the Jets as Super Bowl contenders to be without their best player for a non-injury reason, and it would also be a shame for Revis for bailing on his teammates and potentially wasting one of his prime years that he would never get back.

For everyone’s sake, let’s hope a deal comes soon.

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