Chicago Bears Rants and Raves...

By Joshua Casey

Degenerate Status

Since when has Madden Football 2011 become so darn hard or are the Bears are crappy or both. I have spent the better part of my yesterday trying to figure out this game (and honestly, I am not on the easy mode…I have played it in the past). But the graphics, attention to detail, etc. can draw in even the most novice video game player.

My goal is to figure out what the 900 buttons and actually execute certain features. Gone are my days of Tecmo Super Bowl where there are two buttons and endless possibilities. Can someone please throw me a bone and find a happy medium.

The Preseason

OK, the league can spin this any way they want, but as someone with season tickets in the family, the preseason is an easy way for the Bears to charge us for two glorified practices. As rumors are floating around about the league expanding to 18 games, most season ticket holders would agree that this is a good idea. If the league wants to keep this crazy schedule, do all of us a favor…play in a place that does not normally have NFL football. For example, the Chicago Bears should treat fans in college towns to some Chicago Bears football. Why not play at Illinois State or Eastern Illinois? The people will love it and us season ticket holders will be spared an unneeded expense.

Let the prayers for the 18 game season begin!!!

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