Tim Tebow. Bigger than Peyton? Jordan?

By ericschmidt

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The NFL has been rocked this offseason with the Denver Broncos selection of QB Tim Tebow. It really wouldn’t matter where exactly Tebow went in the draft, he would have created controversy with any team. However, Denver Broncos coach Josh McDaniels staked his future on Tim Tebow and aggressively moved back into the first round of this springs NFL draft and took the controversial quarterback. Yes, Tebow was a great college quarterback, yes he won a Heisman Trophy, and yes, I think he can be a very successful NFL quarterback regardless of his delivery.

Doug Flutie was to small, Drew Brees was too small (he has a little extra hardware heading into 2010) San Diego Chargers QB, Philip Rivers has an unconventional delivery and he’s the best quarterback in the league no one knows about. So is Tebow now becoming the biggest marketing tool in sports without ever taking a snap?

It is looking that way. According to Michael Kruse of the St. Petersburg Times, he seems perplexed that Tim Tebow is raking in the endorsement deals.

Kruse starts his column out and within the first four words describes Tebow as the “virgin preacher quarterback”. Really? Is that necessary? Before we go any further, in the terms of full disclosure, I will state straight up, I am a Florida State Seminole fan. For those of you outside of the State of Florida, it’s a big deal.

The Times reporter writes that Tebow has become the third most influential sports figure in America, and that seems to bother the reporter as he makes several references to his faith and his actions off the field. At what point is there a line drawn? Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick, who went to prison for dog fighting, recently held a birthday party where his co-conspirator was shot, and everything is okay. Vick is given a pass but yet at every turn Tebow is chastised because he wants to speak about his faith?

Kruse tries to overturn every rock to get at Tebow. He evens quotes individuals in the sports business as saying Tebow equates to words like, Authentic. Sincere. Moral. Humility. Wow. And why would the American public embrace something like that, right now? Perhaps they are looking for a sports figure that they can embrace as the Nation is in a meltdown.

Kruse continues in his article to rail on Tebow’s well documented family history and was shocked that his faith based beliefs didn’t scare away Nike, Jockey or EA Sports.  The author continued to reference Christian based sites to garner a quote.

What exactly is so scary to the media about a football player who is unafraid to state what he believes? The same media which shuffles allegations of rape, DUI, and drug abuse seemingly under the table. There has been less written about Washington Redskins DT Albert Haynesworth’s personal beliefs than Tim Tebow in the past few months. Haynesworth has screwed the Redskins out of millions of dollars and is getting sued by several people, including a stripper for 100 million dollars, claiming she is pregnant with his child.

Tebow is introduced as the “virgin preacher quarterback” and Haynesworth is never questioned with the same veracity. There is something really wrong here.

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