Preseason, We Talking Bout the Preseason!

By heatherpatterson
I’ve already seen some reports, Jags still don’t have a pass rush, Garrard is average, McCown is an all pro. SETTLE DOWN PEOPLE! It’s the first game of the preseason, which tells me all I need to know. My point here is we can analyze the game tape from last night, but I don’t put alot of stock in it.

That being said, let’s take a look at some things we need to keep our eyes on going forward:

1) Safeties, Maybe? –Reggie Nelson, aka the Eraser, aka the Mistake had a couple pass break ups that at least gave me hope that he is learning how to get in and stay in the right spot in pass coverage. I was really impressed with Gerald Alexander, he has a nose for the football and I would pencil him in as a starter. Sean Considine continued his impressive preseason with another good showing last night.

2) We finally have a pass rush – NOT! I’m just making sure you’re paying attention here. Truthfully there’s no way to know if we’ll have a pass rush or not. Big Tyson sat this one out and so did Kampman who are probably are two most valuable D lineman. In addition, we were extremely vanilla with the pass rush. I’m going to withhold judgment on this one.

3) McCown, Whoa – Ok, I know, I know, but you said it’s only preseason, it doesn’t matter. That’s true, but what McCown did deserves a deeper look. The guy threw three TDs against primarily second and third stringers, but what impressed me more was the placement of the ball. I mean several of his throws the receivers didn’t have to do anything, but put their arms out. That’s really all I’ll say on this, but I am going to keep an eye on this as camp progresses.

4) Deji Karim may help – In both the return game and the running game. In the return game he was impressive, 68, 41, and 27 yard returns. When I look at this kid on the field I think MJD clone. He’s tough, shifty, and kind of looks like the human bowling ball that is MJD. If he’s legit, meaning he can do it consistently in the regular season, then he and Jennings will be able to lighten the load a little for MJD, which will help a ton in the last quarter of the season.

All in all I still feel there is a lot of hope that this team will be improved over last year, but only time will tell and to quote Allen Iverson, “we talking bout practice man.”

 Happy Saturday!

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