Westbrook to make decision today

By adameberlin

Brian Westbrook will supposedly make the announcement of where he’ll play football in 2010 today. First of all, let us be thankful that he doesn’t have a 1 hour special lined up on ESPN.

RB Westbrook has been rumored to be looking into signing with three teams: the Denver Broncos, the Washington Redskins, and the St. Louis Rams. As he is aging and likely on the last stage of his career, you’d think Westbrook would be looking to go to a contender. That would likely take the Rams out of the equation. But it has been reported that neither Denver or Washington is willing to pay much for Westbrook,  the Rams have been reported to be offering him the most money. There’s also the fact that the Redskins already have three aging RBs — Clinton Portis, Larry Johnson, and Willie Parker –and they might not want to sign another.

So it has worked out that the Rams are still in the running for Westbrook, and if he decided to sign with St. Louis, he would be a welcomed presence in more ways than one.

Despite the fact that Steven Jackson says the Rams do not a veteran RB, one would certainly take Westbrook as a #2 RB over Kenneth Darby. It would be nice for the Rams to be able to count on another experienced RB to be able to lighten Jackson’s load so he doesn’t wear out and become injury prone at the end of his career, and Westbrook would be a good fit. His veteran presence in the locker room would be great for a young team, and he could teach rookie QB Sam Bradford a thing or two he’s learned in his eight years with the Philadelphia Eagles.

On the other side of things, the Rams need to be cautious. If they are willing to pay a ton this year, then fine. But any contract longer than 1 year will only hinder the rebuilding process of this young team. There’s also his recent injury woes.

After knee problems kept him out of games early in 2009, reoccuring concussions made some wonder if he would even play football again.

A report on Monday says that, according to Westbrook’s brother Byron Westbrook, Brian is now looking into the San Francisco 49ers and Buffalo Bills and he might not be making his decision by the end of Monday. In San Fran, he would be the #2 to Frank Gore, but would have a much better overall team around him than in St. Louis. The only reason I could see him signing with Buffalo is the money offered, as they are in a worse situation that the Rams. There’s no report of any contract offered by either the 49ers or Bills.

A quick look at what this would mean for fantasy football players, the addition of Westbrook would likely mean that Steven Jackson gets less carries and might bump him out of the top 5 RBs.

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