Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo Practices Through the Flu

By Jeric Griffin

[picappgallerysingle id=”9557349″]Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is pulling a Michael Jordan this week. He’s not scoring 38 points in an NBA Finals game, but the 30-year-old is practicing with the flu. Romo has been dealing with flu-like symptoms since Sunday evening and was highly doubted to practice on Monday. Once practice began in Oxnard, California though, #9 was seen walking slowly onto the field. Romo has said all off-season that he would be more dedicated this year. This isn’t exactly what we had in mind, but it’s a fantastic start.

Surprisingly, Romo looked very sharp during Monday’s practice, as did the entire Cowboys offense. The starting unit looked much better than it did on Sunday, when offensive coordinator Jason Garrett held the squad after practice for extra reps due to a sloppy session. After seeing Romo’s pale and fatigued face on Monday, many thought his illness might have caused some of those bad reps on Sunday, but the quarterback was quick to silence those speculations. He told reporters after Monday’s practice that he wanted to get back to practice to fix some of the mistakes that were made on Sunday. “We’re going to have those kinds of days. But you have to come right back and be better the next day,” Romo affirmed.

Even though Romo was under the weather, no one waited to ask him about the Cowboys’ preseason red zone issues. Romo gave the answer I hoped he would: “I think you guys will enjoy our red-zone stuff this year. You won’t see it until the start of the regular season. We still need to execute and get the ball in there during the preseason, but we’ve got some stuff we’re pretty excited about.” It’s preseason! Thank you, Romo, for telling these drama queens that you guys aren’t going to break out all the stops during meaningless exhibition games. By the way, I hope you feel better and don’t worry about the non-existent red zone issues. Hopefully no other Cowboy will get the flu anytime soon, but maybe they’ll show Romo’s dedication if they do. Vitamin C anyone?

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