Tony Dungy Doesn't Care for Rex Ryan's Style; Ryan Doesn't Care for Dungy's Comments

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After Hard Knocks episode one aired last week, lots of people praised it as a huge success, myself included.

Apparently, former Colts coach and current NBC analyst Tony Dungy was not one of those people.

Dungy went on Dan Patrick’s radio show on Monday and said that he was “disappointed with all the profanity” coming from Rex and that he didn’t “want to be around that.”

He even went as far as to say that “if I were in charge, I wouldn’t hire someone like that.” He even suggested that the commissioner should get involved and impose a potential penalty against Ryan.


Rex Ryan took the high road today when he said that he felt that Dungy “unfairly judged” him and invited Dungy to come to camp and meet Ryan so he can get to know him.

He left a voice message with Dungy and hopes to hear back from him, hoping that after the two meet that “maybe he’ll have a different take on it.”

Dungy has become the NFL’s de facto authority on how to behave, having mentored several players since he retired from coaching. Obviously foul language doesn’t float his boat.

But to say you’d “never hire” a guy like that? That’s a little bit much.

“I’m always going to be myself and I’m a good person,” Ryan said at camp today. “Just because somebody cusses doesn’t make him a bad person. Just because a guy doesn’t cuss doesn’t make him a good person. I’ll stand by my merits.”

Although Ryan seemed genuinely upset that a man like Tony Dungy said some harsh words about him he still took the high road out of respect for the man. Bart Scott, on the other hand, had some strong words for Dungy.

“You can’t suggest for somebody to tone it down,” Scott said, “or say, ‘He wouldn’t coach for me’ and ‘I wouldn’t hire him.’ Why are you farming someone else’s land? Farm your own land.”

I for one would love to see Coach Dungy take up Ryan on his offer and come visit Jets camp and get to know the real Rex Ryan, not just a soundbyte.

Will he do it? Probably not. It sure would be fun if he did though.

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