Rex Ryan Clears the Air with Tony Dungy as F-Bombs Decrease in Second Episode of Hard Knocks

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The mini war of words between Tony Dungy and Rex Ryan has ended without incident.

After Dungy took a shot at Ryan and his propensity to curse on Hard Knocks, Ryan left a message with Dungy who he felt unfairly judged him without ever meeting him.

Although they haven’t yet met in person, Dungy returned Ryan’s call and Rex says they had a “man to man” talk that cleared the air between the men. Ryan also said that Dungy has taken up his offer to come to a practice in camp, so that should be interesting.

Meanwhile, in an interview with Yahoo! Sports, former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson praised Ryan when asked about the present day coaches that he admires.

“Of the coaches today,” Johnson said, “Belichick and I are probably the closest, but a coach I really, really like — I like his approach and the way he works with his team – is Rex Ryan. I like his bravado, and his positive approach. He really has that self-fulfilling prophecy; that ‘Pygmalion Effect’ with his players. And I like the defensive aspect of his team. So, Rex is one that I admire what he’s doing right now.”

Evidently, a little bit of PG-13 language from Rex Ryan doesn’t deter every Super Bowl winning former coach.

Dungy, of course, made his critical comments about Rex Ryan after the premiere of Hard Knocks in which Ryan dropped F-Bombs like they were going out of style.

In the second episode of Hard Knocks, the cursing from Ryan decreased significantly, but his intensity did not. One of the highlights from Wednesday’s episode was punter Steve Weatherford and his 100 Shake Weights that he had delivered to camp:


Be sure to tune into HBO each Wednesday night at 10pm for Hard Knocks, with a repeat showing at 11pm, for more moments like this. Next week’s episode could very well feature the rookie hazings that happened recently. Should be a sight to see for sure.

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