Mark Brunell, our backup or just here for #6?

By nickspano

When the Jets signed Mark Brunell on July  28th, many thought it was a solid move, he’d come in and help Mark Sanchez adjust, as camp went on Rex and Co. had all but named Brunell the number 2 QB, and now 3 weeks into the preseason he continues to get reps with the second team.

Brunell has been terrible thus far in the preseason  going a dreadful 5/13 for 23 yrds, many could say it was due to a makeshift offensive line, but you cant be happy with what you see from our backup.

That leads me to ask you, who would you rather see god forbid ANYTHING were to happen to Sanchez, Mark Brunell or Kellen Clemens? To me, its a NO BRAINER, it HAS to be Kellen Clemens, sure he doesn’t light up the scoreboards, and hes not going to put up 30+ points on his own, but he will move the chains, and not turn the ball over, Clemens as you know started a week 14 in Tampa Bay, with the Jets playoff hopes hanging by a thread, he didn’t do anything special, actually, you could probably say he didn’t play well at all, but when you look back on the game, you look at one category, TURNOVER’s, and you see exactly what you want to see from a backup QB, “0” , and with the Jets strong rushing attack, they won the game 26-3, with Clemens going 12/23 111yrds.

I do not feel comfortable going into the 2010 season, with Mark Brunell as our backup to Mark Sanchez, I get the feeling amongst other Jets fans, that they agree with me.

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