Do the Vikings trade Rosenfels now?

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So what exactly is going to become of Minnesota Vikings QB Sage Rosenfels? Although this season does hinge on the success of a one, Brett Favre, the Vikings have a log jam of backup quarterbacks. Sage Rosenfels has played perhaps the best football this preseason, rookie QB Joe Webb has showed perhaps the best promise, and Tarvaris Jackson is the odd man out, heading into the final season of his contract.

If the Minnesota Vikings are planning on releasing QB Sage Rosenfels, which I think is a bad move, they might want to pick up the phone and call the New York Giants. The Giants are now left with no experienced backup for Eli Manning, as they have now placed career Manning family backup Jim Sorgi on the IR list. This move now leaves Rhett Bomar as the Giants backup.

The Vikings would most likely lose rookie Joe Webb if they released him on waivers, he shows some promise as becoming a playmaker. Minnesota will likely release either Jackson or Rosenfels, so why not try to peddle one or the other to the Giants as they are looking for an experienced backup. Rosenfels would most likely be the quarterback that the Giants would be interested in, so if they were going to release him any way, leak out the story that Jackson is on the bubble and try to get something in return for Rosenfels.

Regardless, someone is going to be moved, the Vikings will not carry 4 quarterbacks heading into 2010.

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  • fedexer

    sage will go, only because our head coach is a moron and tj isnt worth anything. and we will be stuck with rex, oh i mean tj to take us to the promised land. right. my guess is a smart coach like whisenhunt will pick up sage and he will be their starter in about 3 weeks. favre will get dinged, and we will be stuck, with, tjunk again because OUR BONEHEAD COACH IS TOO STUPID TO GET RID OF HIS PET PROJECT AND ZYGI WONT GROW A PAIR.

  • goldpapa

    I say NO, you can’t cut Rosenfels! What I would do if I was the coach, I would rotate Rosenfels and Jackson, one series at a time in this last exhibition game. I would showcase them both. And I would keep them both! Right now, Joe Webb makes quarterback #4. What you have to do is put this guy to work. I would have him playing wide receiver. I would have him playing safety in third and long defense. I would have him playing linebacker in point after and field goal defense. (Did you ever see him JUMP?) He might be able to knock a ball or two down. Coaches- let’s be a little creative with this kid!

  • moe44

    This scenaro gets tougher by the minute. Right now Sage shows the promise to succeed should Brett get hurt. Joe Webb may be the QB of the future so hold on to him. What happens next year if you let Sage go, TJ is only on a 1 year contract. You would be forced to pay him big money and you would be still stuck with junk at QB. Its a no brainer TJ must go

  • Plunder

    Get tid of TJ….sorry TJ, but Rosenfels and Webb better as 2 and 3 respectively. I believe Fedexer is right though, coach is a moron, and Rosenfels will be out. Its wrong!

  • chris

    I completely understand Rosenfels frustrations. He’s clearly a better Quarterback than Tavaris hands down but the only thing that seams to be the problem Childress’s beliefe in unicorns, fairys and leprechauns. I say this because Tarvaris as quarterback equals minimum offense. I rather take a chance with Webb as a number 2 QB.Childress is lost on offense and right now he’s wasting Ziggy’s money holding on to Tarvaris. Put Rosenfels at #2 and develope Webb at #3 to keep your job. Tarvaris can’t even produce offense in the preseason let alone the regular. A bad quarter equals injuries on defense due to the time on the field. You better pay attention to the past when Tarvaris was the #1 QB & AQUIRED convenient injuries just so another quarterback could lead us to the playoffs. I haven’t been wrong in over 10yrs when it has to do with the Vikings. By the way get rid of Brian Mckenney before Farve end up on the sideline.

  • Jerry

    Have to agree that Childress is being pigheaded in keeping TJoke as #2. Sage can make reads (TJ can’t) and find receivers (TJ is marginal) and yet klink decides TJ is #2. Why? I can only guess but obstinacy comes to mind. Sage is a solid #2, TJ is not. See if there might be interest in NY for TJ, please.

  • trav

    The NFL is full of Great Athletes why give up the second best QB on our team to keep Joe Web? Mark my words Joe Web will be an afterthought in a year or two. Joe Who?

  • fred

    trade for randy moss give brett the reciever he has wanted since he had been in green bay. just imagine two guys that would love to dominate in green bay. you never know you just might see the moon.go vikes

  • Stingray

    Please get rid of TJ, bad mistake to make any other move. He has shown nothing during the games where it counts!