Wide Reciever battles are shaping up as season draws close

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Is there any doubt as to who is the number one receiver for the Buffalo Bills? Simple answer, no.

However, as simple of an answer as that was, the rest of the depth chart at wide reciever seems to be up in the air. With such a young receiver core group, it is easy to see why the Bills will struggle to determine this going into week one of the regular season. Believe it or not, the wide receiver depth chart is beginning to look deeper and deeper with each played preseason game.

With all of the questions surrounding who will be the number two receiver for the Bills, here are hopefully some answers:

Third year wide receiver Steve Johnson has shown that he has what it takes to stretch a defense both vertically and across the middle of the field. He also has shown his quickness and ability to gain separation in tight coverage. Johnson’s biggest attribute though, may be his 6’2″ height.

Sixth year veteran Roscoe Parrish is also fighting for that same spot that is up for grabs. Parrish possesses many of the same qualities as Johnson, but is much smaller physically. He has shown to have much more explosive speed though, as seen in Saturday’s contest with the Bengals.  Although he only caught three passes for thirty four yards last season, he will very likely be on the field often.

Third year receiver Chad Jackson has also joined the mix in the fight for the second spot on the depth chart. Jackson has been relatively ineffective in his three year career, but has shown bright spots all throughout this off-season.

Between these three candidates, they caught six passes for a combined sixty-three yards in 2009. With that type of production, it is hard to imagine great success for the Bills. However, Buffalo Bill Head Coach Chan Gailey has shown the offensive know-how to get all of these guys involved throughout the preseason, including Parrish’s four catch, fifty-six yard game that included a touchdown.

If I had to guess, I would say that Parrish could very well sneak up and steal the job from Johnson, who is currently listed as number two on the depth chart. Parrish’s years of experience combined with Gailey’s offensive schemes could provide for a breakout year.