Three Teams Interested In Leinart

By timcase

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League sources have indicated that Matt Leinart is being sought out by the New York Giants, Oakland Raiders and Buffalo Bills.

After recent speculation that the Cardinals were considering cutting Leinart it, now seems that after four years it is time for Matt Leinart and the Cardinals to move on. It could have been the system he was uncomfortable with or he just isn’t NFL quality. With suitors like the Giants, Raiders and Bills knocking at the door the team may be better off trading Leinart before it is too late. Leinart may be better off in Seattle as well, although in the same division as the Cardinals, he may benefit from playing under Pete Carroll again.

Leinart’s three performances in preseason play has lead his fellow teammates to believe he is not qualified enough to lead a team to victory each and every game. He did complete 80.8% of his passes, but was never able to lead the starters to early points.

Derek Anderson’s play, as well as the rookies Max Hall and John Skelton, have proven that they are ready to take over for Leinart’s lack of leadership and stellar play. Anderson will bring his past Pro Bowl experience and solidify his spot as the team’s starter each night. He may be able to rejuvenate his career as Kurt Warner did when he was able to have the weapons the team still has.

Once again, Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt has decided to start Derek Anderson instead of Leinart in Thursday’s preseason finale.

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