Which Redskins RB gets cut by Saturday?

By ericschmidt

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Which of the big three veteran running backs will be cut by the Washington Redskins before Saturday’s deadline to meet the 53 man roster? Clinton Portis? Larry Johnson? Willie Parker? I know it won’t be Clinton Portis, he’s the only one of the three that is still productive. So the argument comes down to Larry Johnson and Willie Parker.

Willie Parker is coming off injuries and two very pedestrian seasons. Last year he didn’t manage to break 400 yards in the Pittsburgh Steelers offense. He has done precious little in the pre-season for the Redskins. He had one carry for -1 yards against the Baltimore Ravens and 8 carries for 16 yards against the New York Jets.

Larry Johnson hasn’t really fared much better. He averaged a half a yard a carry against the Ravens and nearly 5 yards a carry with a touchdown late in the game against the New York Jets.

I really am not a fan of either one of these backs, their best playing days are well behind them but if the Redskins are going to keep one, I’d predict it will be Larry Johnson. Even against the Jets back-ups late in the game, he did show some burst and was finishing runs better than Parker has all pre-season.

Tonight’s game will likely be the final audition and we’ll see by Saturday, who remains.

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