Review: Life After Favre--A Season of Change

By johnclaude

Jrlombardi reviews “Life After Favre: A Season of Change.”

I got a review copy of the book,  Life After Favre.  I saw the glowing reviews about the book from writers and bloggers.  Having written extensively about the Packers in established sports blogs, a cosmopolitan perspective seemed missing about the ongoing saga about the post-Favre era, especially its national fan base with its divided loyalties. With great insight, humor, and pictures, the book tells a great story about this extraordinary team, its iconic town, and its singular fans coping with life in the quarterback Rodgers era in Packerland.  

The story focused upon the lifelong Packers fan’s journey from Los Angeles back to the heart and soul of the Packer nation with its legendary team, its Holy Lambeau field, and its iconic way of life in Middle American culture far away from the concrete & plastic jungle of megalopolises and sports entertainment business. The author’s views about the messy divorce between Packers management and legendary quarterback Favre is great coverage. He foresaw the possibility that Favre would not stay retired and would join the Vikings in the North Division of the NFC. His profile about the rising star quarterback Rodgers has genuine appeal. His great profiles of former Packer greats are authentic reading.  He takes the readers from the practice field to the locker room, to tailgate parties, and to Packers Bars throughout the county. His narrative journey across America to meet the green and gold diehard fans is great reading. Thus, for most sports fans and Packer nation, the book is a fashionable addition to their library.

Yet, something is missing similar to the awful public relations campaign by Packers management to deal with the messy Favre divorce and transition to the Rodgers era. The exclusive point is that if the books isn’t focused about Packer life without and with Favre, then guess who is main figure among fans on the front cover and on the back cover showing the divided loyalties?  Further, the final chapter ends with a Favre story. The dated epilogue is simply a prelude to the 2009 Packers season.  

Honestly, Hanrahan went back home to Wisconsin in search of a nostalgic marketable Hollywood story and its Capra corn ending. Now, in 2010, the legendary QB Favre begins his second year, after leading the rival NFC North Vikings to a NFC title game in 2009. Today, the North Division in the NFL is about the emerging Rodgers era covered throughout the sports nation and the emerging Favre’s Vikings era covered by the Favre watch throughout the sports nation including Fox, Espn, and Packers sports press.   It is great theater and football for both teams, NFC, NFL, and fans.  Enjoy it!

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