Roster trimming sees Bills' dismiss big names

By williamgoodrich

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When the Buffalo Bills trimmed the roster to fifty-three players, many back-up players were cut to make room for possible new veterans fresh off the waiver wire. However, the Bills took this to the extreme when they cut some pretty significant names from their own roster.

James Hardy was a second round draft choice for the Bills which usually makes your place guaranteed on the team. However, after three lack-luster and injury prone seasons, the 6’6″ target has seen his stock fall right off the chart. As a result, Hardy is stuck looking for a new job.

Joique Bell was another surprising cut from the Bills, following a very good summer and preseason. It is very likely that Bell will find a job with another team as he has shown tremendous versatility and skill. Many people (myself included) felt Bell was pretty much a lock to make the cut-down roster because of the depth he added to an already deep backfield. Given the injury issues and the difficulty of the running back position, I am shocked the Bell is no longer a Buffalo Bill.

Levi Brown, rookie seventh round pick from the University of Toledo was also cut. This is only surprising to me because I felt he was a good project quarterback that could fill in roster space at the third place on the depth chart. Of course for that to happen, the Bills would have had to trade away one of their three quarterbacks that were trying to win the starting job. I believed the smart move would have been to trade one of those guys for an offensive lineman, but I guess it wasn’t to be.

The Buffalo Bills have also added a few veterans that were cut from there previous teams, including former Miami Dolphin tight end David Martin. Martin has been a relatively successful player that provides depth to a position that currently has none.

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