A New Season Is Upon Us

By chesswhite

The Houston Texans are about to kickoff the 2010 season this Sunday against their divisional rival the Indianapolis Colts. In the Texan’s short history the Colts have been a brick wall; everything they throw at them either doesn’t work or bounces back and hits them in the face. The Texans have been in the NFL for 8 seasons now and have only beat the Colts one time. But this is a new season. Forget what happened last season. Forget what happened in training camp. This is a new season. A chance to finally prove that the Texans belong inthe playoffs with the elite teams of the NFL. A chance to finally prove that trading for Matt Schaub was a great move, that drafting Mario Williams over Vince Young and Reggie Bush was a great move and that head coach Gary Kubiak along with GM Rick Smith have in just 4 years transformed the Texans from a 2-14 team with the first pick in the draft into a playoff football team. The task at hand weighs heavily on the shoulders of Matt Schaub. If the city of Houston is going to have its first playoff football team since the Oilers it is going to be because Schaub led them there. The Texans were criticized and criticized when they drafted Mario Williams and yet in the last 3 years only 2 players in the entire NFL have had more sacks than Super Mario. The Texans were laughed at by NFL fans when they traded two 2nd round picks for a quarterback who had been nothing more than a backup and yet last season Schaub threw for more yards than any Quarterback in the league last year including the “invincible” Peyton Manning. Now is the time for the Texans to make good on their promise to the fans, now is the time for them to make it to the playoffs.

A new season is upon us, fresh with the sense of renewal. The Texans are wiping the slate clean; they are not dwelling on how close they were to being in the playoffs last year, they are not dwelling on how they had a winning record for the first time last year, they are hungry for more. You can sense it in the way the players talk about the upcoming season; they speak as if their entire lives depended on it. The fans expect nothing less than the playoffs, the players expect nothing less than the playoffs and the coaches expect nothing less than the playoffs. The Houston Texans are the only professional sports franchise to never make it to the playoffs but in 2010 all of that is going to change. The Texans have the talent needed, they have the head coach with playoff experience and most importantly they have the support of the 4th largest city in the United States of America. The Texans need to stay absolutely focused and play hard every single week if they are going to make it. It all starts with the 1st game and I’m going to be there at Reliant Stadium to see them start on their quest in beautiful, clean Liberty White.[picappgallerysingle id=”7847490″]Peyton Manning has been nothing short of a menace to the Houston Texans. The Texans are going to have to beat him in week 1 if they want to prove they are a worthy contender in the AFC South.

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