Haynesworth will be a Redskin Sunday

By ericschmidt

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Disgruntled DT Albert Haynesworth will not be traded to the Tennessee Titans anytime soon and according to Washington Redskins head coach, Mike Shanahan, he will still be a Washington Redskin this coming Sunday as the team squares off against the Dallas Cowboys. According to SI.com, Shanahan did not deny any of the rumored trade talks, and denyed to say whether or not Haynesworth would play in the game. Shanahan said he didn’t want to give the Dallas Cowboys any “competitive edge” in their game planning.

Competitive Edge? I think I understand this, if he were to say that Haynesworth was actually playing this Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys could simply run the ball right at him and get 5-6 yards a clip. If the Washington Redskins play someone else, a player who actually wants to be on the field, it could be a different story.

What a glowing endorsement for Haynesworth, 100 million dollar contract and all your coach can say is that you’ll still be a team member by Sunday. That’s fantastic.

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