Peyton Manning aims for Ben-Gay endorsement deal

By ericschmidt

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Indianapolis Colts QB Peyton Manning has never met an endorsement deal he hasn’t liked, and after today’s game against the Houston Texans, he might be angling for a new endorsement with Ben-Gay. 57 pass attempts for the over-exposed Indianapolis Colts quarterback? Peyton Manning posted great number for fantasy owners with 433 yards and 3 touchdowns, but the Colts come away with a loss against the Houston Texans.

I thought if the Houston Texans were going to make a push towards the playoffs this season, they needed this first game against Indianapolis. The Texans coming into the game were only 1-15 all-time against the Indianapolis Colts. With the issues on the Colts offensive line, I thought the Texans had a great chance to win the game. I also underestimated just how bad the Colts run defense is as Houston Texans RB Arian Foster ran for 231 yards on 33 carries and scored three times (he’s on one of my fantasy teams) and just gashed the Colts.

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