Will Albert Haynesworth become a New York Jet?

By ericschmidt

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Last night New York Jets DT Kris Jenkins went down with another knee injury and this afternoon it was officially announced from the Jets that Kris Jenkins will be out for the season, so does Albert Haynesworth now become a New York Jet? Albert Haynesworth has complained about playing nose tackle for the Washington Redskins in their 3-4 defense, would he enjoy playing the nose for the New York Jets? Perhaps the Washington Redskins don’t care and are looking at the injury to Kris Jenkins as an opportunity to move Albert Haynesworth.

The New York Jets could most likely get Haynesworth cheap.  Could you just imagine the one on one with Albert Haynesworth and Rex Ryan? That would almost be worth the price of admission. With the injury to Jenkins, you’ve got to throw that speculation out there, and the Jets are now playing from a position of need after losing Ropati Pitoitua for the season as well.

The Jets did not perform well on the field last night on each side of the ball, so the speculation is going to be out there. I would not be surprised with a move to New York for Mr. Haynesworth.

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