Bills' offense looks to improve against the Packers

By williamgoodrich


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It has been said that what goes down must come back up. If that is truly the case, then Newton’s laws provide some evidence that the Bills’ offense must be taking steps in the right direction. In fact, I would argue that as disappointing as the week 1 performance was, the Bills’ offense is already strides ahead of where it was last year. However, the question still remains: When will Trent Edwards be given complete control of the playbook?

Edwards, a Stanford graduate, has shown to have the intelligence to master this position. Last season, Dick Jauron tried to use the no-huddle offense to turn the reigns over, but this was very unsuccessful as well. Will Chan Gailey give Edwards the green light to be a play maker on offense? Only time will tell. My guess would be that in week 2, Edwards will take on a role that has less to do with conservative game management and more to do with trying to make plays. If this happens, I believe that he is accurate enough to make some big plays down field, like the 31 yard touchdown pass to Roscoe Parrish on the 4th and 11 during the fourth quarter of the game against the Dolphins.

As far as the run game goes, I would say that will be much improved as well. It is going to be difficult working enough touches to Marshawn Lynch, CJ Spiller, and Fred Jackson during the course of one game. I do believe though, Gailey has a scheme up his sleeve to make this offense much more productive and it will start with these guys. As Gailey said on the Buffalo Bills’ website, he plans to continue forward with all three guys getting significant touches.

I would project that this weekend’s game is going to be much more competitive with more home-run style plays. On Thursday, we will preview the match up against the Packers.

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