The Best Team in Texas

This weekend the Texans will take on the Dallas Cowboys at home in Reliant Stadium. The Texans are off to a 2-0 start for only the 2nd time in team history and on Sunday they will look to move to 3-0 for the first time ever against America’s team, which is currently 0-2. Last week the Texans won one of the most thrilling football games I’ve ever seen in my life against the Washington Redskins in overtime. The Texan’s star players shined bright in the game; Mario Williams absolutely dominated, sacking Donovan McNabb 3 times and providing strong support against the run, Matt Schaub threw for a franchise and career record 497 yards and 3 TD’s and Andre Johnson turned in the most spectacular play of the game on 4th and 10 when the Texans were down 7 points on a 34 yard Touchdown in the endzone over Redskins’ safety Reed Dougthy. Arian Foster did not have a huge game but Kevin Walter picked up some of the slack in the passing game with 11 catches for 144 yards and a TD.

The Cowboys are fearing for their lives right now staring 0-3 in the face. Reliant stadium is going to be jam packed with football fans from all across Texas to see which pro team will win in this head to head battle. The Cowboys are up against a corner and the Texans need to deliver a knockout blow to their season by dropping them down to 0-3. The Texans have had their most important game of the season for 3 week straight now. Don’t ask me how that makes any sense, it just does. If the Texans want to prove that they are the best team in Texas they HAVE to beat the Cowboys at home just as they HAD to beat the Colts at home and HAD to beat the Redskins just to justify their win against the Colts. The Texans need to run the football to neutralize DeMarcus Ware and the Dallas pass rush to set up the play action pass to exploit their secondary. Schaub needs to make good decisions with the football and not turn it over, the defense needs to get in Romo’s face and play much better against the pass than they did last week if they want to win. So far the Texans defense has given up almost 1,000 yards passing in 2 games and have only allowed 62 total rushing yards.

This is a huge game for Kubiak; he needs to prove that this team is for real in front of the thousands and thousands of people who will be watching. You know its a big game when tickets that usually cost 75-80 dollars are going for 200-500 dollars each. I know, its ridiculous. I tried to get tickets for this game and I haven’t been able to find a single ticket for sale less than $225. The most expensive ticket I’ve seen for this game was a 2nd row, 50 yard line ticket going for $1,350 and I wouldn’t be surprised if some really rich football fan from Dallas or some random place in Texas buys it. I’ll be comfortably sitting on the couch watching this game with just as much anticipation as I watched the last two Texans games with. The Texans have to win this game. They just have to. I hate the Cowboys.

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  • texanTool

    September 28th, 2010 at 9:44 pm
    Another area of deeply concern, is that Matt QB, is being 11 sacks in 3 games!All offense coachs should take the blame of this mess! Starting with coah KUBIAK, Dennison, Benton, Pollack. If ya all can’t coach well after all this time, update ya resume, move out of the way so some else can coach sucucessfully! There are plenty of prosperts of decent coahes out there! Ya all are making ton of moneys, the dream job that not everyone get the same chances like ya all! It’s quite simple,…whenever we face a top notch defense (that’s a real DEFENSE not like the Texans DEAD-fense!) First, Design a three steps drop or quick release to the receivers/tight ends/backs,…etc.…we should have a ton of those plays handy, read to go,…that’s will take the pressure of the quarter (who isn’t moblie at all,,what kind of Athlete is that anyway, can’t enough run a few yards for the 1st down, hey Matt ,but you play ball all ya life. you will never ever be great QB if ,you can’t use them feets from time to time,…and that’s the fact! Matt ! Second, the Texan have a great RUNNING & PASSING game, why not sure both? You don’t have to be a NASA Rocket scientist to know that,…coah Kubi! Run the DAMMN Ball about 25-33 times a game until the enemy give up. What’s wrong with you,..coah Kubi, you always wanted the ground game, that you have A. Foster,…he been superb in all 3 games and then you just barely use him, PATHETIC is that. What’s a waste of time, effort, good forture, moneys, and talents on your behave! Last, all great coaches are RECREATIVE, KNOW HOW TO ADAPT QUICKLY ACCORDANCE TO THE GAME, and take SMART CHANCES to change to momentum to their favor,….A prime example right now is,…coah PEYON New Orlearn SAINTS for ref. check out the latest SUPERBOWLS, I rest on case! The Cowdungs ain’t that great, really…you coaches got outplayed and outcoaches at CRUNK TIME by the coach Philip , staffs and company! Man up or else History will repeat itself, if we refuse to learn from it!

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  • texanTool

    “What I meant was that when I always approach things, I want to fix it with who I’ve got,” Kubiak said after practice Tuesday morning. “I can’t sit there and wait on something else to happen.”
    What a sad day for entire city of Houston’s fans ! Yep! You did just that exact thing, you sat around, and did nothing,…and hoping something will change for the better,….how pathetic is that folks? Brace ourselves H town fans, the next 10 games will be disasterous ugliy,…the Texans Ship have ton of holes to be fix!!!