Concerns For the Texans?

By chesswhite

[picappgallerysingle id=”9858306″]The Texans are currently 2-1 after their loss to the Dallas Cowboys in week 3 and a lot of people are probably wondering if this team is going to make it to the playoffs this season. They certainly started the season off with a bang against the Colts and Redskins but they dropped an extremely important game the following week against their in state rivals. They are without linebacker Brian Cushing, left tackle Duane Brown, and their pass defense is currently rated dead last in the NFL at 368.7 passing yards allowed per game. In other words, they have been completely toasted. So is there reason to doubt this team? To the average fan there is absolutely a reason to doubt this team; they have never gotten it done. The majority of people across the country will continue to doubt the Texans until they finally do something substantial. That is a fact.

The Texans lost a heart breaker for all those people in Houston that wanted to prove that their team is the best in Texas, but they will travel to Oakland next week to take on the 1-2 Raiders and try to make their record an impressive 3-1 when Brian Cushing returns to the starting lineup. Going 3-1 with arguably one of their top 3 defensive players on suspension is pretty good but the Texans need to beat the Raiders convincingly. They need to fix their problems on defense and have a more balanced attack on offense. So far the two wins the Texans have this season have come when Arian Foster rushed for 231 yards and when Matt Schaub threw for 497 yards. The Texans simply need to be more balanced if they want to stay consistent; they cannot expect their star players to turn in performances like that every week.

The Oakland Raiders are not a bad team this year; Darren McFadden is playing pretty darn well and the Raiders have the 3rd best overall defense. Beating them in their own house like the Cowboys did to us last week would prove that we can come out and win a game on the road when we really want to. The Texans just can’t let mistakes get in the way of them beating the Raiders and falling to 2-2 after such a spectacular 2-0 start. The Raiders have strengths that match up well with the Texans but the Texans need to win this game to stay even in their division. They got embarrassed by the Cowboys in their own stadium and need to come out of the gates with a vengeance in week 4. They need to take all of their frustration from the Dallas game out on the Raiders and dominate them in all phases of the game. They need to get back into the winning column if they want to keep the public opinion that they are a good team this year.

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