Peyton Manning still perfect, but quess who else is....

By ericschmidt

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Indianapolis Colts QB Peyton Manning is still perfect, he hasn’t thrown an interception yet in three games, but guess who else has yet to throw an interception. Only Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo has attempted more passes in three games so far this season than Colts QB Peyton Manning, 128 to 126. And after tossing 9 touchdowns in the first three games without a pick, Manning finds himself on top of the NFL passer rankings with a rating of 116.9 and is completing nearly 70% of his passes.  Not a surprise there, but the next two quarterbacks might surprise you.

Michael Vick is number two behind Peyton Manning. Vick has tossed 6 scores without throwing an interception yet, and as the hottest quarterback in the NFL right now, has a passer rating of 110.2. Another stat which I find revealing about the Philadelphia Eagles offensive line is that Vick is tied for the most sacks of any quarterback in the league with 11. He is tied with Houston Texans Matt Schaub. That tells me how poorly the Eagles offensive line is performing, even though Vick is arguably the most mobile quarterback in the league.

The last starting quarterback who has yet to throw an interception is Mark Sanchez. Yes, Mark Sanchez who tossed 20 picks last season. Sanchez has only attempted 79 passes, the lowest of the three on the list, but is managing to avoid the costly turnovers for the New York Jets. Sanchez’s passer rating is 104.9

The quarterbacks with the most interceptions? Minnesota Vikings Brett Favre and New York Giants QB Eli Manning, each have already thrown 6 interceptions this season and are on pace for 32.

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