Tuesday Injury Report: Who Will Play? Who Won't Play?

By nickspano

A few quick notes before Rex’s press conference where he will go more into the injury report, but i decided to share a little fact and opinion with you all. Here we go.

LB Calvin Pace, last week Pace said he was around 40% for the Miami game, and as we all know he did not play, but said himself Buffalo seems more likely.

Pace will most likely play Sunday in Buffalo, seeing limited playing time, but he will be a welcomed addition to the Jets defense who were a bit beat up Sunday night in Miami.

Pace will most likely see time in blitz packages, which Rex has a lot of. Calvin was the Jets leading pass rusher with 8 sacks last season, after missing 4 games with a suspension.

CB Darrelle Revis also missed last weeks’ game after sitting out the second half of the Jets Patriots game with a hamstring injury. This to me is a little more iffy then the Pace situation, as you know, hamstrings are very tricky, and can linger a very long time.

I personally think Revis will sit out the game in Buffalo, but it will not be because “The Bills have no WR’s.” I strongly disagree with that comment because this is the NFL and every single player can make a play, in no situation will that be the reason for Darrelle sitting.

Rookie Kyle Wilson will most likely get another start. Wilson has come into the spotlight with a few bad games, where he looked every bit of a first year DB. Wilson was targeted 12 times vs Miami and he gave up 7 catches for 107 yards and a 27 yard pass interference penalty.

Wilson has every bit of athletic ability and the game will slow down for him, but right now, it seems to be coming at him a little fast. As a CB, the #1 rule is keep your head on a swivel, and as you can tell from the first few games, Wilson has had his fair share of plays where his head is away from the play, hence the reason why he has been flagged numerous times. Teams will continue to pick on the rookie until he gives them a reason not to.

LB Jamaal Westerman and RB Shonn Greene were a little dinged up Sunday Night, but Greene should be fine for Sunday, while Westerman is a bit more iffy, leaving the Jets very limited at OLB.

OL Wayne Hunter didn’t make the trip to Miami with a shin injury that Rex is still concerned with. Expect him to miss the Buffalo game also, leaving rookie OL Vlad Ducasse as the extra active OL.

Again, this is all opinion, and we should definitely know more after Rex Ryan’s press conference this afternoon, and should know for sure tomorrow. Keep it locked!

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