Chicago Bears Looking Ahead to Sunday Night

I am going to dedicate one paragraph of this today’s blog to the win over the Packers. Many members of the national media still think the Packers are a better team than the Chicago Bears. They say that the penalties were the reason why the Packers lost the game, and not the Chicago Bears talent. Now, let me ask the group a question??? Do you think the Packers committed those penalties because they were careless, overmatched, both or something else? Well I am saying it is both. The holding and pass interference penalties were called because Green Bay was overmatched. The personal fouls were just plain old stupid. But when a team is backed into a corner, they will do desperate things. The Chicago Bears were the better team on Monday night. The Chicago Bears are a better team and until the Packers prove otherwise, they are the second-best team in the division.

Now let’s focus on the New York Giants. The Chicago Bears are getting the Giants at a perfect time. While the Giants have talent, they make the Chicago Cubs look functional. Head coach Tom Caughlin is a train wreck this season and has lost control of the inmates. His players cannot stand playing for him. Of the four teams the Chicago Bears have faced this season, Eli Manning is the third best quarterback and maybe the worst of the original starters. This is a golden opportunity for the Chicago Bears to be the final nail in Caughlin’s coffin. From my seat, I think that will happen.

Why am I so confident…wait for it…wait for it…BECAUSE THE CHICAGO BEARS ARE A REALLY GOOD FOOTBALL TEAM!!! They have been proving this on a weekly basis. Do you think that they are 3-0 for any other reason? Sure, there are holes on this team, but every team has holes. The difference is that the Chicago Bears are actually beating teams with coaching. While the Mikes (Martz and Tice) have been stealing the headlines, Rod Marinelli has been doing a solid job on defense. It is the Chicago Bears plan to let teams gain yards between the 20s, make tackles and get turnovers. All of these things are happening. In addition, as the Monday Night Football crew pointed out on numerous occasions, the Chicago Bears will hit you hard. How many big plays have occured this season against the Chicago Bears? One punt return for Dallas.

I am ready to call this a huge win for the Chicago Bears. It will be by double digits. The Chicago Bears need to make a little bit of a statement with a blow-out, and it will come Sunday night.

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  • Angus

    Most of the penalties were careless. You can attribute the holding to being overmatched and the two false starts inside their one to nerves. The rest were basically careless, including the pass interference penalty. That was not because of the great Bears receivers, no matter how much you want to spin it accordingly.

    I believe that if the Packers played a more disciplined game, closer to their average number of penalties over time, they win that game. For you to think otherwise shows a lack of understanding of the game.

    • Jonathan

      I have forgotten more football than you know Angus. When a defensive player gets beat by a receiver or blows coverage, it’s usually the cause of interference. Mike Martz recognized mismatches and exploited those. I admitted that the personal could were careless, but false starts are a direct result of fear. Face it, the Packers lost to a better team

  • Angus

    I’m a Bears fan and I’m happy they won. I don’t think they lost to a better team. I think they Greem Bay beat themselves with bad penalties, to be honest. Did the Bears take advantage? Yes. Did they take advantage of home field? Yes. Do I think the Bears are a better team than Green Bay? No, not yet. They’ll lose in Lambeau, I think they’d lose to them in a neutral stadium, and I think that 5 times out of 10, they lose to them at Soldier Field.

    The Bears beat Detroit on a technicality and needed 17 penalties (plus one declined) to squeak out a win at home against Green Bay. I’m optimistic, but not as optimistic as you are. I don’t think we saw anything resembling Green Bay’s best game or Dallas’s best game, so it’s still hard to judge how good this Bears team really is.

    But sometimes you get the breaks, and you, or the Bears, have to take them. And they have.

  • Tyler Durden

    Jonathan, Angus…..let us not quarrel over such minimalistic qualites as how much football one has forgotten, for if it has been forgotten, how can one then quanitfy how much was once there? Angus makes some valid points and I tend to agree with his perspective. It’s a bit early to tell, for most teams, who will be the “cream of the crop”, and perhaps, as Everlast (or was it Rene Descartes, I forget?) said, “and rise to the top”.

    For now, let you both come to a conclusion to agree to disagree, and walk away from each other while brushing the teeth of a wounded hyenia, much in the custom of the ancient aboriginees…….

  • Wendy

    Tyler, ur funny.

    I don’t understand what you guys keep fighting about. LOL. We’re 3-0. The Giants scare me because they have not played well but we have Greg Olsen doing so great that i think we can’t lose, right?

    don’t worry Angus – the Bears will keep winning and then win the Super Bowl!

  • Angus

    Wendy, I’ve forgotten more football than you have ever known.

    • Jonathan

      Hey that’s my line

  • BehindEnemyLines

    I would expect a better played Bears team than even Packers and Dallas games. They get more disciplined every game. You can visibly see it. In fact i think the Bears will be able to beat the Packers at the end of the season in Lambeau Field (If they Need to). I do see the Bears moving to 7-0 in an orderly fashion. It will be structured wins, and by the books. the Offensive line will continue to improve game to game as the season progresses. then look at the first 3 games they played this season and compare it to the last 3 games they play. I’m certain that anyone will dramatic improvements on the offensive side of the Bears. As for Defense they have always been decent. However Brian and Lance wont be there much longer. But Peppers is a nice New leader for the Defensive Captains to bring up the Standards for the rest of the young Bears Defensive line. So the Bears Defensive Legend will continue on for another 10 years t least. The Giants are shaking in their boots, the Monsters are coming and they are losing ANY momentum.

  • Lars

    “BECAUSE THE CHICAGO BEARS ARE A REALLY GOOD FOOTBALL TEAM!!! They have been proving this on a weekly basis. Do you think that they are 3-0 for any other reason?”

    Did you even bother to watch this game? The Bears scored ONE offensive touchdown and were outgained by the Packers by over 100 yards. They are lucky to be 3-0; it could just as easily be 0-3.

    You’re an idiot if you think the Bears are going to walk into the new Meadowlands and win by double digits; you realize that your “wonderful” team hasn’t won any of its first three games by double digits and certainly isn’t about to start now.

    • Jonathan

      So, the Chicago Bears didn’t beat two Super Bowl contenders right? But let’s discuss some of your points…You like to bring up the yards. OK, fine…but how many big offensive plays have the Chicago Bears given up this year? Can teams run on the Chicago Bears. Do the Chicago Bears create turnovers? Jay Cutler has had three offensive coordinators in three seasons. The Chicago Bears basically brought in a new staff and had to teach its players a whole new system. Do you think this is easy? It is hard enough to teach a player one play book in two seasons let alone two. But again, you know this so well. I appreciate you reading my work, I hope you continue to do so, but like I told my old friend Angus…I have forgotten more football than you know…