BREAKING: Confirmed - Jets sign ex-Ravens DL Trevor Pryce

By nickspano

I can confirm that the Jets have signed recently cut Ravens DL Trevor Pryce, not a shock, Pryce is a NY native and knows Rex’s system very well.

Pryce was cut yesterday by the Ravens in order to make room for S Ken Hamlin, although Head Coach Jim Harbaugh said Pryce would most likely be back, I take it Pryce was a little upset, and saw a good fit in NY with Rex Ryan.

Also, just saw Ravens LB Terrell Suggs’ twitter account, he released the following statement. “kinda sad 2day. my boy trevor pryce signed wit the JETS!!!!!” Suggs wrote on his Twitter account. “happy for him but would rather he be on my team!!!!!

Update: Added to by Jon Presser

As usual, Nick got this scoop before anyone, even before Schefter. There’s nothing better as a Jets fan than waking up late, finding out a big Jets story, and seeing that my man Nick broke the story and got it up on Jets Report. Good stuff, Nick.

Pryce is a great addition to this Jets defensive line. Clearly the Ravens did not want to lose him, they cut him to get an extra DB on the roster this week and probably would’ve re-signed Pryce on Monday morning. The Jets did something similar before the week 1 games vs the Ravens, ironically enough. If you remember, the Jets cut Tony Richardson to make room for Darrelle Revis, then they re-signed Richardson and cut CB Brian Jackson the next day. Sidenote, Jackson is now on the Giants active roster.

This is what happens when you cut a guy with the intention of keeping him around later in the season. Of course, the NFL is a business, and teams try to do anything they can to get an edge, even if that means temporarily cutting a guy you intend to have later. Rex Ryan smelled blood, and Pryce loved playing for him in Baltimore. The Ravens now are caught with their pants down and the Jets got a steal.

My goodness, our defense will be scary when everyone’s at full strength. Welcome to New York, Trevor.

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