Jacksonville Jaguars to turn to Edwards?

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Are the Jacksonville Jaguars going to turn to Trent Edwards as their starter at quarterback? The Jacksonville Jaguars currently have David Garrard under center, but it appears his time as the starter for the Jaguars could be very limited. Garrard has done precious little as the Jaguars starter last season and for the first three games of this season.

Garrard started 2010 with a 3 touchdown performance at home against the Denver Broncos but has only thrown one score against 5 interceptions in the last two games as the Jaguars are only averaging 11 points a game. Jack Del Rio is starting to feel some heat as Jacksonville’s head coach and it doesn’t get any easier this week as the Indianapolis Colts and their high flying offense comes to visit.

In a somewhat surprising move, the Jaguars claimed former Buffalo Bills QB Trent Edwards this week off waivers after the Bills decided to waive the under performing veteran. Garrard currently has a passer rating of 66.7 so it makes perfect sense for the Jaguars to claim Edwards off waivers with his 58.3 passer rating.In his 4 years in the NFL, Edwards has never thrown for 300 yards in a game.

Del Rio told reporters, “We’ll bring him along as quickly as we can, teach him our system, and like all of our players, put him in a position where if he is called upon, we expect him to play well”. Those comments could interpreted as if Del Rio wants to force feed Edwards the Jaguars playbook and see what he can do under center if Garrard doesn’t improve. Worse yet, those comments don’t speak volumes about the abilities of Luke McCown or Todd Bouman.

This is a total move of desperation by the Jaguars, perhaps they are hoping a change of scenery helps Edwards but I think that’s unlikely. It is no wonder there are no fans in the seats for home games, who would want to watch this pathetic offense?

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  • TealTalk

    Hey dumbass, the Jaguars have sold out all of their games so far this season.

    • ericschmidt

      Hey dumbass, the Jaguars only sold out week one because Lord Tebow was coming to town. Jacksonville fans who went to the home game against the Eagles got to watch a complete beatdown. Fans can expect the same this weekend with the Colts coming to town.
      Don’t call me out on the lack of people attending Jaguars games, it’s a situation which has been ongoing for a few years now. Even the ownership of the Jaguars came out and said if they had drafted Tim Tebow, it wouldn’t be enough to keep the team in Jacksonville. The Jaguars are in serious trouble and deal with reality my friend.