Tiki Barber Claims Tom Coughlin Is In a "Crisis" With the Giants

By Jeff Shull

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Another former Giants player has come forward and expressed concerns about the lack of leadership and accountability on the current team. Tiki Barber did a Yahoo! video on Wednesday saying the team is slipping through Coughlin’s fingers and that his job is on the line.

In a conference call with the team on Thursday, he reiterated those statements.

“He is in a crisis because of the perception that he is losing his team,” Barber said. “We all know that especially in New York, once the media and the perception becomes a reality, you start fighting against it. And when you are fighting against something that is not necessarily real, you make it real. That is why he is in a crisis.”

Barber was in town for the Ring of Honor ceremony that is honoring former Giants legends. He has never been shy when talking about his former team. The year after he retired he made the statement about Eli Manning not being a great leader in the huddle. Eli responded by winning the Super Bowl MVP award.

Maybe the more Barber talks, the better the team plays.

“Whether it is playing better and not making mistakes or whether it is having a group of players like he did in previous years, stand up and take accountability for what is going on, not pushing the blame by saying we should’ve, we could’ve, we didn’t, saying we played poorly, we need to take responsibility for it.”

I tend to agree with Barber on the “should’ve, would’ve, could’ve” aspect, especially when Justin Tuck claimed the Giants outplayed the Titans on Sunday. With all of the mistakes, albeit mostly on offense and special teams, it would better serve the team for the leaders to take accountability for the loss.

The team leaders are just as important when it comes to dumb penalties, maybe even more so, than the coaching staff. When players get their heads taken off by a coach it’s just normal, but when they hear it from a peer sometimes it means more.

Not everyone responds to getting yelled at by a coach. Everyone responds to getting yelled at by the best player on your team.

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