New York Giants vs. Chicago Bears: Interview With Bears HQ Blogger Jonathan Carroll

By Jeff Shull

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Hey, it may not have happened until the day of the game, but after some communication breakdowns rivaling that of the 49ers’ play calling, here is the interview with Chicago Bears Headquarters blogger Jonathan Carroll

Jeff: Besides the Cowboys game, do you truly believe the Bears earned victories over the Lions and Packers?

Jonathan: The Chicago Bears were the better team on Monday night. The Packers had a ten point lead that they could not hold. Of course, no one seems to ever want to knock the great Dom Capers. The Packers committed many of those penalties because frankly, they were over-matched and the Bears coaches identified weaknesses. In the Lions game, despite the call in the endzone, there was still almost 35 seconds left and the Bears were moving the football at will. The Bears have earned those wins.

Jeff: How much of a weapon will Devin Hester be the rest of the season after a fast start?

Jonathan: I think that the Chicago Bears have weapons you have not even mentioned. Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs are the best linebackers in the NFL. For those that question that, notice who created the key turnover Monday Night. Don’t forget about Johnny Knox either. Hester obviously is the most popular choice, Frankly, for all the highlights you’ve seen he has also dropped many passes and didn’t establish his return game until Monday night. But if he is back…look out!

Jeff: Has Jay Cutler turned a corner with the Bears or will he be turnover prone eventually?

Jonathan: Last season the Chicago Bears offensive coordinator was a clown. He had the awesome quarterback and ran a very predicatble offense. Plus, Cutler was running for his life. Now, offensive coordinator Mike Martz and offensive line coach Mike Tice are designing plays and getting him time when he needs it. He has always had the talent, and considering he has had three coordinators in three years, there seems to be a fit.

Jeff: Are the Giants really as bad as they appear to be?

Jonathan: Yup. My wife works for a law firm in New Jersey and I bet her boss I would wear a Giants shirt if they win (I’m not a fan of the Giants) and he would wear an Obama shirt if the Bears win (he’s not a fan). He told me that he believes on Monday there will be a photo of him in that shirt. The Giants remind me of the Chicago Cubs or even closer to your home, the New York Mets. Both teams have talent, but the whole operation is falling apart. Tom Coughlin appears to have lost that team. I caught some of last weeks game, and you guys didn’t look so good.

Jeff: What is your prediction for the game?

Jonathan: Chicago 24 Giants 10. You New Yorkers and your fast lifestyle with ESPN (you realize how much we hate ESPN in Chicago) probably haven’t noticed that the Chicago Bears defense, while giving up a lot of yards, hasn’t given up that many points. Considering Green Bay and your hated rivals the Cowboys put up some yards and around 20 points with better offenses, you’re in trouble. I would be happy to put my money where my mouth is…I bet a Packers blogger that I would get to write his blog on Monday if the Bears won and he would get to write mine if they didn’t. So, are you interesed???

Well, it seems as if we have a small rivalry. After a 3-0 start the Bears fans are walking a little taller of late; nothing like a night game in The Meadowlands to check that confidence

In case you didn’t feel like clicking over to Bears HQ, here is the interview Jonathan conducted with my answers.

Jonathan: ”What is your impression of the Chicago Bears? Do you think they are for real or just a pretender?”

Jeff: I think the Bears are contenders because they play solid defense and have great special teams play and that can get you far. However, if they don’t get their running game going they might cool off from their fast start because I don’t think Jay Cutler can protect the ball as well as he has all season.

Jonathan: “From my perspective, it appears as if the Giants are falling apart quickly and Tom Caughlin has lost control of this team. Is this true?”

Jeff: It definitely appears as if Tom Coughlin has lost control of the team with the dumb turnovers and stupid personal fouls, the only thing that will change that perspective is a disciplined performance against the Bears this weekend.

Jonathan: ”What players on the Chicago Bears concerns you?”

Jeff: With the poor special teams Devin Hester scares the heck out of me, but also with Keith Bulluck missing the game Greg Olsen could work wonders over the middle.

Jonathan: “What players on the Giants should concern the Chicago Bears?”

Jeff: Steve Smith could cause problems for the Bears due to his speed and ability to exploit the zone cover two scheme.

Jonathan:  ”Has Eli Manning lived up to all the hype?”

Jeff: At times Eli can look like one is the best QBs in the league, but his inconsistency makes him just below a great QB because you never know which Eli you are going to get. Last year he showed how good he can be, but this year he has not been the best decision maker.

Jonathan: ”What is your game prediction?”

Jeff: With all of the scrutiny surrounding the Giants I feel like Tom Coughlin will have enough ammo to motivate the Giants and avoid the 1-3 hole, Giants win 30-23.

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