Did the Chicago Bears get the message against the Giants

By ericschmidt

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The New York Giants honored 22 of their all-time great players at half time and Sunday night it looked as if some of those players slipped on a uniform and suited up for the first half as you wonder if the Chicago Bears got the message about their offensive line. An offensive line upgrade was a need for the Chicago Bears dating back to last season and the Bears did little to address the situation in the offseason. After watching the Chicago Bears in preseason, Bears fans had to be asking if Jay Culter was going to last the season. Jay Cutler was sacked 10 times in just 37 attempts in the preseason.

Jay Cutler was sacked 9 times in the 17-3 drubbing by the New York Giants and left the game with a concussion. After last night’s game, the Bears offensive line has allowed 17 sacks of Jay Cutler. The Detroit Lions recorded 4 sacks, the Dallas Cowboys managed good pressure with their defensive line buyt only recorded 1 sack and last week, the Green Bay Packers had 3 sacks and hit Cutler 6 times.

The Bears have been able to counter their offensive line deficiencies with running a lot of quick slants and passes to backs coming out of the backfield, but opposing teams eventually find a way to exploit any weakness on your team and that was exactly what the New York Giants did on Sunday night.

Jay Cutler will have to be evaluated to see if he can be cleared to play this week against the Carolina Panthers, if not, the Bears will likely have to start 38 year old Todd Collins. Even though the Bears are playing the winless Carolina Panthers, Bears fans can’t be pleased with the prospect of starting Collins.

I blame the Bears front office for not addressing this glaring problem surrounding the offensive line. It was showcased last night in front of a National audience and now it’s simply not going to go away.

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