Jay Cutler

By Joshua Casey

So the Chicago Bears offense was blown up yesterday. The New York Giants exploited all of our fears with this group. I’ve developed a bigger fear. Jay Cutler…

I am glad the NFL is taking concussions seriously. It is about time that players get the proper treatment. But, this whole thing with Cutler’s bizarre exit from the game had me thinking.

Is it possible that the Chicago Bears decided to not play him in the second half having nothing to do with a concussion? If you noticed, no official diagnosis was ever mentioned. We heard “concussion-like symptoms” but nothing more.

My even bigger fear is that Cutler pulled himself from the game. He never came out of the locker room. Was he that shaken up or just refusing to play under the circumstances? Cutler’s behavior in Denver could tell us that this is a possibility.

The biggest fear of all is that Cutler is hurt worse than what was reported. Todd Collins isn’t any sort of answer and our wonderful coaches played Dan LeFevour most of the preseason instead of addressing the back-up position. While Caleb Hanie did get hurt, this would have been the time to play Collins considering LeFevour was released. Collins should have played most if not all of the preseason games he was here. Although in Collins’ defense, the Giants were in the backfield the whole game. But still, the Chicago Bears are without solid backup quarterback.

I’m still waiting for Lars to respond to my offer of writing this week’s game preview. Of course, he’s MIA.

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