Philadelphia Eagles think Kolb is better than McNabb?

By ericschmidt

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It didn’t take long for the most hyped game of the week between the Washington Redskins and the Philadelphia Eagles to add another storyline, and after watching the game you have to wonder why the Philadelphia Eagles thought Kevin Kolb is better than Donovan McNabb. Yes, McNabb did not have a record setting day against the Philadelphia Eagles, he doesn’t have anywhere near the offensive weapons with the Washington Redskins, but he did something that Kevin Kolb rarely did on Sunday. He threw the ball down the field.

Kevin Kolb finished the day completing 22 of 35 passes, but for only 201 yards, a 5.7 yard average. Kolb was Captain Checkdown on Sunday. His game consisted mainly screen and checkdowns and that is simply not going to win you many games. The top two leading receivers for the Eagles were running backs, LeSean McCoy and Owen Schmitt. DeSean Jackson was limited to just 3 catches for 19 yards.

Kolb was only able to put 12 points on the board for the Eagles. The San Francisco 49er’s, Cleveland Browns, St. Louis Rams and Detroit Lions all managed to score more points than the Philadelphia Eagles.

Kolb struggled with the Eagle’s offense in preseason and he’s still struggling now. Kolb has got to show defenses that he can push the ball up the field utilizing his talented wide receivers, until he proves that, opposing teams are just going to keep their safeties deep and continue forcing Kolb into his checkdowns.

The glaring difference between Michael Vick and Kevin Kolb was made painfully clear to Eagles fans yesterday afternoon. This is not the same team with Kevin Kolb under center. The Eagles had better hope Vick is ready to play this coming Sunday as Philadelphia travels to San Francisco to take on the 49er’s a team very hungry for a win.

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