San Francisco 49er's 0-4, what now?

By ericschmidt

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The San Francisco 49er’s are now 0-4, so what now? After jumping out to a 14-0 lead over the Atlanta Falcons in the first quarter on Sunday, it appeared that the 49er’s had a new vibe, and new energy. That didn’t last long, the Niners never scored another point and the Falcons methodically scored the next 16 points in the last three quarters and won the game with a Matt Bryant field goal with 6 seconds left.

Maybe I jinxed the Niners, I picked them to win the NFC West. Playoffs? That is a distant memory for now. San Francisco would have to go 8-4 in the next 12 games just to get to .500, and right now that doesn’t seem possible. This week, the Niners have a Sunday night game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

The defense isn’t playing well. They surrendered nearly 400 yards of offense to the Atlanta Falcons. The Niners do not have a very good running attack. QB Alex Smith is down right miserable, throwing 7 interceptions and has a passer rating in the 60’s. The Michael Crabtree breakout year? 6 receptions for 81 yards in 4 games. This is not a very good team.

So what can be done to fix the Niners? At this point I think a change at the quarterback spot is in order. Throw David Carr out there, Troy Smith, somebody other than Alex Smith. This offense needs to be jump started. It needs something, anything. Averaging 13 points a game is not going to get it done for any team in the NFL. This is a step way back from last season when the Niners were averaging 21 points per game and isn’t the objective to improve each season?

After the week 1 massacre in Seattle, head coach Mike Singletary thanked Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll for the beatdown administered by Seattle. So did Singletary buy Atlanta Falcons head coach a new car after loss number 4 yesterday.

This season is over before it ever started. Mike Singletary has lost this team and the season. It’s time to start thinking about 2011 and where the Niners are headed. More importantly, time to start thinking whether or not, Mike Singletary needs to be in those plans.

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