Hello, Vikings Post – plus, the Vikings center situation

By sara.marsh

[picappgallerysingle id=”7122519″]Hi there, folks. My name is Sara Marsh, and I’m going to be a contributing blogger on Vikings Post from here on out, alongside the fantastic Eric Schmidt. Currently, I’m the lead blogger for Twins Territory Talk (also part of the Rant Sports network), and I’m a featured contributor for Associated Content in the realms of sports, shopping and fashion, and local content. As a die-hard Minnesota Vikings fan, I’m thrilled to be joining Vikings Post.

I’m not quite as thrilled at the way that things are going right now for the Minnesota Vikings themselves, however. It’s been a little bit of a sketchy start to the season – very uninspiring. Here’s to hoping the bye week is going to encourage some guys to start making plays (Bernard Berrian, anyone?).

Right now, other than the Vikings passing game and offensive line, which I’ll get into later as my largest concerns, I’m particularly worried about the Vikings center situation. John Sullivan, our 25-year-old stalwart center, has been suffering from a calf injury since the preseason. Now, against the Detroit Lions, Sullivan injured his remaining healthy calf and had to come out of the game. Ryan Cook took over for Sullivan and did an okay job.

The Vikings offensive line troubles me in general, but it’s particularly concerning not to have your starting center – especially when the rest of your offensive line is so pathetically weak. Sullivan was at the Vikings first practice after the bye week yesterday, but he sat on the sidelines. Not a good sign.

Plus, with an issue like a calf injury, can Sullivan really play at full strength this season? That’s one of those lingering injuries prone to being reinjured – like a hamstring, which is Visanthe Shiancoe’s problem right now (and Berrian’s last year – but this year, there’s no excuse). And perhaps favoring that troublesome calf is the reason Sullivan injured the other calf in the Vikings last game against the Detroit Lions.

I just wonder if maybe the Vikings shouldn’t look around for an experienced center while John Sullivan heals up. Center is one of the most important positions in football, and with the rest of the Vikings offensive line as weak as it is, and the passing game as bad as it’s been of late, we can’t afford to have an ill-equipped or lackluster player at the center position.

Not that I trust Vikings head coach Brad Childress to consider that. We also can’t afford to have Tarvaris Jackson as our backup quarterback for Brett Favre instead of Sage Rosenfels. But it happened. Bummer.

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