Marshawn Lynch Arrival Helps Weekend's Seahawks Depression End

By grant.brown


[picappgallerysingle id=”9748266″]When the Seahawks lose on Sundays, it takes me until about Wednesday to get over my depression.  It’s hard to read anything about the game, team or why they lost.  Can’t do it.  BUTTTTTTT, with the arrival of running back Marshawn Lynch via trade, it works like Prozac for this Seahawks fan. 

The acquisition of Lynch is good in so many ways.  He’s a former Pro Bowler and the dude has only been in the league for a few years.  He’s young and signed until 2012.  To have a guy like Marshawn Lynch, who is only 24 years old for the next two years, is a luxury.  It frees up John Schneider to draft a QB now with the first round pick.  Why is it ok to trade a 4th rounder?  Because we received a 4th round pick for Josh Wilson.  If someone would have said to me, would you trade Josh Wilson and late round pick for MarshawnLynch, I would have screamed in my Hawkish Cah, YES!  Plus he’s only a little over a million a year. 

Now, we need to get this guy some Bye Week reps to get him going.  The Carrollsel of offensive linemen is still figuring itself out.  I liked that they re-signed Chester Pitts.  I hope he can be of some help on the line to assist in the slowly improving running game.

We now have a legit running back.  I appreciate what fellow Cal Bear Justin Forsett has done in his time with the Seahawks, but he isn’t Marshawn. 

Come on Pete, let’s get that “Win Forever” and “Earn Everything” bullsh!t going!

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