Around the League: Panthers WR Dwayne Jarrett Arrested for DWI (Panthers RELEASE Jarrett)

By nickspano

Carolina Panthers WR Dwayne Jarrett was arrested early this morning for a DWI, this is Jarrett’s second DWI since 2008.

No word yet on why he was pulled over this morning, but in 2008 Jarrett was pulled over in the Charlotte suburb of Mint Hill at 3 a.m. on March 11, 2008 after he ran a red light and crossed the center line.

I mention this because of obviously 2 weeks ago, Jets WR Braylon Edwards was pulled over by a New York City cop because his window tints were ” too dark” and the officer smelt alcohol and Edwards later blew a .16 on a breathalyzer, then the domino effect came into place.

There has yet to be any national attention on the Jarrett front, so i felt the need to bring it to the Jets fan limelight to get their opinion on how the Edwards situation was blown up. I’m curious to see how the Panthers and the National media handle this.

UPDATE: The Panthers have released the troubled Wide out, Jarrett was released this afternoon after his second DWI, Obviously this was the last straw for the under achieving WR. It will be tough for him to find a new job in the NFL.

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