Sam Bradford on St. Louis Rams' 2-2 start

By Aaron Kirn

St. Louis Rams’ rookie QB Sam Bradford joined ESPN’s SportsCenter to talk about the St. Louis’ two-game win streak.

Both Peyton Manning and Sam Bradford joined the worst teams in the NFL.  Manning had three TDs, 11 INTs, and a 0-4 record in his first four regular-season games.  Bradford has six TDs, six INTs, and a 2-2 record.  He’s gained everyone’s respect in the locker room, including Steven Jackson’s.  ESPN’s Chris Moretensn reports Jackson will address his team on Wednesday on how to handle success at 2-2, because this is now a team a won’t be overlooked anymore.  In the NFC West, every team it seems has a legitimate shot to win the division including the Rams.  A conversation no one expected them to be in at the start of the season. We’ll see how Bradford and the Rams respond now that they’re on everyone’s radar on the road Sunday at an 0-4 Detroit team who’s played everyone tough thus far.

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