Adam Schefter: Multiple sources claim Patriots will trade Randy Moss on Wednesday

By Dan Parzych

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At first, the possibility of New England Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss being traded back to the Minnesota Vikings seemed a little far-fetched. Now, the deal seems more likely to happen after ESPN’s Adam Schefter claims the deal is expected to happen on Wednesday.

From Schefter’s Twitter account:

“Minnesota and NE plan to complete the blockbuster trade that will send Randy Moss back to Vikings on Weds, according to multiple sources.”

“Said one source familiar with Moss-to-Minnesota trade talks: “I’d be shocked if it doesn’t happen.” Expect it to happen Wednesday.”

Numerous reports indicated on Tuesday how in order for this deal to happen, Moss would need to be willing to sign an extension. If what Schefter says turns out to be true, Brett Favre will finally get the wide receiver he pushed hard for the Green Bay Packers to acquire a few years ago.

Moss is in the final year of his contract with the Patriots and made numerous comments to the media earlier in the season about his frustrations with the franchise unwilling to discuss an extension. He was drafted by the Vikings in the first round of the 1998 draft and spent the first seven years of his career with them.

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