It's official: WR Randy Moss traded to Minnesota Vikings

By sara.marsh


[picappgallerysingle id=”9916478″]It’s done, according to National Football Post — and everybody else: wide receiver Randy Moss is a Minnesota Viking again. The trade between the Vikings and the New England Patriots was inked this morning: Randy Moss for a third round draft pick.

This is kind of the best day ever. And it really will be when the Minnesota Twins win the first game of the ALDS tonight against the Yankees. Minnesota sports are on a roll today!

Everyone’s wondering why Moss was available for so little — is he as good as he use to be? Of course! Moss was traded for so little because, like every other team has felt in the past, the Patriots got sick of dealing with him. Seems pretty clear to me.

And who cares what the reason is — Moss is back, and the Vikings couldn’t need him more.

More details as they become available. Hurrah!

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