Randy Moss to return to Minnesota?

By ericschmidt

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Boom, like a right hook out of nowhere, New England Patriot fans have to now wonder if Randy Moss is going to return to Minnesota. The New England Patriots only legitimate deep threat, possibly gone. Just like that. Things like that happen when you cross Bill Belichick. I seriously think Bill Belichick would dump his best player if that player didn’t buy into Belichick’s program 100% and suffer a 7-9 season just to prove a point.

Just before the start of the season, Randy Moss started making some noise about not being appreciated in New England. Moss was unhappy about the Patriots not giving him a new contract. Moss is playing in the last year of his contract. And then after the Patriots decided to give Tom Brady a nice new contract, Moss started to simmer.

Football fans saw the week 1 presser with Moss donning a pair of headphones, dressed as if he was heading to some hip hop party where he was the guest DJ. Moss rambled on for several minutes about how he was not done playing football, and he was most likely done with the Patriots after this year. The whole thing was quite surreal, then again it is Randy Moss.

Moss has long been a poster boy of being a problem child in the NFL. Problem child until he arrived in New England. Moss arrived in New England via trade at the start of the 2007 season and has been a model employee. He shows up for work and takes care of business. In 51 games for the Patriots, Moss has scored 51 touchdowns.

But now that Moss is showing some dissatisfaction with the organization because he feels that he is being disrespected, perhaps it is time to move Moss along to somepalce else and let another team deal with his tantrums.

Will the Patriots miss Moss? Of course they will but this is a team which seems as if it could go to a local Best Buy store, grab a stockroom clerk and plug him in their offense and make him successful. Rookie TE Aaron Hernandez is leading the Patriots in receiving yards, Superman Wes Welker is leading in receptions with 26, Moss has only 9 catches this season, however three of them are touchdowns.

Yes, if Randy Moss has fallen out of favor with the king of the hoodie, Bill Belichick, it is time to move forward. It’s sort of ironic that the team rumored to be interested in Moss is the team which he broke into the league with, the Minnesota Vikings.The diva of receivers can now team up with the diva of quarterbacks. Will the Vikings have to add an addition on to their locker room so that both of those egos can fit?

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