Singletary safe despite 0-4 start to the season

By ericschmidt

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Despite the 0-4 start to the 2010 NFL season, San Francisco 49er’s head coach Mike Singletary doesn’t appear worried about his job. Adam Schefter reported late Sunday night that despite the terrible start to the season, Singletary would remain as the 49er’s head coach through the season, although no guarantees are made about what happens after the season.

Singletary said in his press conference yesterday that he is concerned only about getting the team ready to play the Philadelphia Eagles this week and not worried about his job. “Players have responsibilities and if they don’t do their jobs certain things happen,” he said. “Coaches have responsibilities and if they don’t do their job, things happen. My mind doesn’t focus like that. I don’t worry about who I need to talk to, am I OK. These 53 guys, that’s my responsibility. The last thing I’m thinking about is my job security.”

Singletary reacted bitterly when one reporter suggested that the Niners schedule was getting ready to become softer in regards to the opponents. Singletary responded, “I don’t ever say the schedule is softening, because the minute you say something like that, you set yourself up for failure.”

Mike, that’s all this team has seen so far this season, failure.

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