Brett Favre's cellphone calls to Jenn Sterger released

By ericschmidt

[picappgallerysingle id=”4630637″] has released a video this afternoon with recordings which the site claims are Minnesota Vikings QB Brett Favre leaving voice mails for Jenn Sterger (who bears an eerie resemblance to Favre’s wife). As you will recall at the start of the season, Sterger revealed that she indeed had cell phone photos that Favre allegedly sent to her of Favre Jr and the twins. The video includes those photos.

Deadspin does claim however that the voice on the phone might be that of an impostor, but they do outline fairly clearly that if it were someone other than Favre, they certainly would have to go through an awful lot of trouble in order to pull a prank on her. If the recordings and photographs are indeed not Favre, you would think that there would be some legal action towards the Deadspin website at some point.

When this story first broke, it received very little traction in the mainstream sports media. Now, with recordings and actual photographs of someone’s penis being circulated, will anyone in the media ask Favre about this issue this time? Favre is one of the three wise men or cash cows, how ever you want to put it for the NFL. The other two being Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. Just as the media looked the other way with Tiger Woods, these three seemingly get a pass.

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