Report: Patriots approached Randy Moss about possible extension before season

By Dan Parzych

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The breakup between Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Randy Moss and the New England Patriots became even more interesting on Sunday—this time about his contract extension.

According to Mike Reiss of, a report by the Boston Globe indicated Patriots head coach Bill Belichick attempted to discuss a contract extension with Moss during the summer, but was simply “brushed off by the receiver” and said the two sides could meet once the season ended.


So what was the reason behind Moss not wanting to discuss an extension at the time? Well, the Boston Globe also indicates in the article how Moss didn’t want to discuss a contract extension at the time because he felt a trade was coming.

From Reiss’ report on

The Globe report said Moss had been told by Belichick in February that the team did not intend to bring him back after the 2010 season. But, the report suggests, the Patriots’ coach had a change of heart by training camp. As the team stretched one day, Belichick approached Moss about starting talks on a new deal, according to The Globe. Moss told Belichick it wasn’t the right time.

With so many sides to the story, it’s hard to figure out what the real story is regarding Moss and the Patriots. Either way, it’s still a shame how this story came to end considering Moss is arguably one of the greatest deep threats to ever play the game.

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