Texans lose to Giants 34-10

By chesswhite

[picappgallerysingle id=”9938376″]The Texans disappoint their fans yet again. This time they got dominated at home by the New York Giants in a game where they could not stop the pass and could not get it done offensively. Sound familiar? Thats probably because its the same old story. Arian Foster, the NFL’s leading rusher heading into the game, did nothing against the Giants. Andre Johnson, supposedly the league’s best receiver, was out shined by Giant’s wide receiver Hakeem Nicks who burned the Texan’s defense for 2 TD’s. Matt Schaub was inaccurate the entire game, the defense could not stop the Giant’s offense and basically the entire team contributed to the loss. I was extremely saddened to see the Texans play that badly at home. They have not played that bad at home since 2008 when Baltimore beat them 41-13, and they had Sage Rosenfels at quarterback then.

This loss falls on the shoulders of the often times incompetent Gary Kubiak. Knowing that the Giants had one of the best defensive lines in the league, he chose to throw the ball on the first 4 plays of the game which resulted in one first down and a punt. Instead of running the football with the league’s leading rusher, Kubiak let Schaub get beaten up by the Giant’s defensive line which manhandled the Texans up front. Not only did Kubiak screw up in his area of expertise on offense, he also used a horrible game plan on defense which called for Brian Cushing to blitz on almost every down and for short, inexperienced corners to try to cover the Giant’s receivers. Brilliant. Why don’t we just NOT cover people AT ALL like we did against Tennessee on Chris Johnson and just LET THEM SCORE TOUCHDOWNS? We might as well. We are that bad. We are freaking horrible. Our defense is a joke. Other teams in the NFL are laughing at us right now saying man I can’t wait till I play the Texans.

There are times, like right now, when I really truly hate this team. I want them all to fail because they let me down time and time again. I go to the games, I support the team through good times and bad yet when my hopes are the highest for them they let me down the hardest. I can’t believe I actually thought that we would beat the Giants. They are a much more physical team that pushed us around like a fully grown body builder would push around a 3rd grader. I hate how the Texans are such a finesse team, they never beat people the good old fashion way by hitting them in the mouth. I mean come on, they can’t even score a touchdown from the one yard line because they are so weak on the offensive line. Other teams have gigantic offensive and defensive linemen that could push a stone wall back 5 yards if they wanted to. But not the Texans, no they would much rather have smaller players with better “technique.” I just hope Kubiak takes a long hard look in the mirror and asks himself if he really thinks he can continue to coach this team the way he is without losing his job once the season is over. Because the fans have had it with him by now. Its playoffs or bust Gary.

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