Thing Vikings most need to do to beat Jets? Block, of course

By sara.marsh

[picappgallerysingle id=”7669627″]I know it seems obvious, but if the Minnesota Vikings offensive line can block tonight, we’ll beat the New York Jets. And nothing, aside from beating the Cowboys or Saints or (especially) the Giants, would make me happier. If the Vikings offensive line doesn’t block, however, the Vikings will fall to the Jets tonight. It’s going to come down to the offensive line blocking.

Why is the offensive line blocking so particularly important, you ask? Two reasons. Well, three if you count the fact that I just watched the Twins play three playoff games self-stripped of their offense, and I’m not interested in watching another Minnesota team play a game without bringing their offense in a big way. I’ve been beat up enough for one week.

But the first real reason why the offensive line needs to block is to release Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson. Peterson is the Vikings’ biggest weapon, and more importantly, he’s the most consistent weapon we have. Even when the Vikings offensive line blocking is shady, Peterson still runs for well over 100 yards (and usually at least one touchdown).

If the Vikings offensive line can really block for Peterson, especially against the Jets’ 3-4 defense, I expect Peterson to hit well over 200 yards and more than just one touchdown.

The second reason why the offensive line needs to block is also due to that 3-4 Jets defense, and how much pressure they’re going to be putting on quarterback Brett Favre. Favre, whose latest whiny complaint is that his elbow hurts, is going to have to get rid of the ball in a hurry.

Recently traded wide receiver Randy Moss (my favorite) can catch just about anything, but the football does need to be at his end of the field for Moss to get his hands on it.

With an aggressive Jets defense (head coach Rex Ryan was the defensive coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens), the Vikings offensive line is going to have to block especially well to prevent Favre from getting too beat up. With a bad ankle and (allegedly) a bad elbow, Favre doesn’t seem to have much stamina, so the offensive line needs to protect him. I don’t want to risk T-Jack taking the field.

By the way, Brad Childress, when are we going to draft a real quarterback? Or trade for one? Just wondering. Would have been nice if the Vikings had done it the way the Packers did – they didn’t miss a beat when Favre went out and Aaron Rogers came in. The Vikings will.

Anyway, if the Minnesota Vikings offensive line can block against the aggressive New York Jets 3-4 defense tonight, I think that the Vikings will win the game. The Vikings defense can take care of Mark Sanchez and the Jets offense; the Vikings have maybe the best defense in the NFL.

But if the Vikings offensive line doesn’t step up and block for Peterson and Favre, it won’t matter how good the Vikings defense is.

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