Brett Favre to buy his way out of trouble?

By ericschmidt

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According to the New York Daily News, Minnesota Vikings QB Brett Favre could be buying his way out of trouble by paying Jenn Sterger to remain quiet regarding the issue of the voicemails and photographs that he allegedly sent to Ms. Sterger. Te newspaper contacted famous attorney Gloria Allred and the litigator has confirmed that Sterger is under no legal obligation to cooperate with the NFL’s investigation. It had been reported this past weekend that Sterger was cooperating with the NFL league office, but subsequently has decided to weight her options.

Favre was asked last Thursday about the allegations and declined comment. Prior to the start of last night’s game against the New York Jets, Favre reportedly held a teary-eyed apology with his teammates, telling them he was sorry for the distractions. Favre was asked about the allegations after the game, and once again he declined to comment.

The court of public opinion appears to have already weighed in on the matter. If the voicemails and photos were not Favre, why would he not vociferously deny the allegations in order to maintain his reputation? If the voice in the messages not Favre’s, why hasn’t he sought legal action?

Sports fans have seen this sort of denial before, most recently with Tiger Woods. Once the stories starting trickling out about his adulterous ways,  Woods simply hunkered down and denied comment. The result was disastrous for Woods. A shattered image, a loss of sponsors and a ruined marriage. Woods was once one of the most iconic figures in sports and is now the punchline in jokes. If Favre does pay off Ms. Sterger to remain quiet and he fails to publicly address these matters, the same treatment could be expected for Favre.

The Minnesota Viking are now 1-3 heading into a brutal three game schedule against the Dallas Cowboys, divisional opponent Green Bay Packers and a trip to visit the New England Patriots on Halloween. I have a feeling that as the pressure continues to mount on Favre and the Vikings, if Minnesota is 2-5 at the enhd of the next three games and well out of the playoff hunt, Favre may simply retire and return to Mississippi.

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