Texans Take On Chiefs In Week 6

By chesswhite

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This is gonna be a good game. The Chiefs just lost to the Colts last week making their record 3-1 and the Texans just lost to the Giants making their record 3-2. Seems like the Mannings had a good weekend against these two teams. The Kansas City Chiefs will stroll into Reliant Stadium this Sunday and will take on a Texans team that desperately needs a strong win before their bye week. Going into the bye at 4-2 would be ideal for the Texans and they can make it happen if they don’t shoot themselves in the foot with bad play calls, penalties, missed assignments and lack of preparation that killed them last week. The Chiefs will certainly look to exploit the Texans horrific secondary. Their secondary is bad you guys. Like real bad. Like so bad that if this were a game of tennis then our secondary would be lke…….never mind they’re just bad thats all you have to know. McCain gets beat, Kareem Jackson gets beat, Bernard Pollard gets beat and Glover Quin gets beat. Our secondary gets beat. Every. Single. Week.

The Chiefs are surprising a lot of people but they have to keep it up for people to believe they are legitimate so its the Texans job to hand them their second loss in a row. The Texans can’t lose this game, they just can’t. They’re playing at home, they need a win, they are playing a team that isn’t as physically dominating as the Giants are with their DLine and Brandon Jacobs, they have a bye next week and they just need a win. Go get the win guys. Go get it. I’ll be waiting right here. Don’t let me down again. Please. Don’t do it. Just win.

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