Texans beat the Chiefs 35-31

By chesswhite

This was a huge win. In my opinion we deserved to lose this game with the way we played on defense. Its one thing to lose your captain on defense and leader of your team, its another to get totally embarrassed by an offense. Yet I have to give credit where credit is due; Matt Schaub and his #1 guy Andre Johnson made a play to win the game just as they did against Washington on that 4th and 10. Throughout the game I was disgusted with the way the defense played. It was like watching the Texans of 2 or 3 years ago when teams didn’t need to throw for 400 a game on us because they could always run for 225. We gave up play after play to Charles, Jones and Bowe but our offense answered the call. When we needed it the most our defense somehow came up with a stop and the offense won the game with another big play from our biggest man, Andre Johnson.

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